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Showcase your loved one's memorial internment flag in a quality handcrafted display case.
Grandfather and Grandmother - The Commander display case
It started in Oct. 2006. I built a Military Flag Display Case for my grandfather. I was going to buy one, but just didn't see anything that said "That's the one!" to me. So I started building. In a matter of 3 to 4 weeks I finally finished it. Then I said "That's it!" 

The compliments I received on the case led me to see if there was a market for the cases. The response has been very positive, the cases sell quickly and the recipients are always pleased with the quality of the products.
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Mr. Drinkwine from MI wrote: "What a great piece of work by you. I gave it to my Uncle yesterday and many tears were shed thinking of what a beautiful display that his children shall see and remember their father with.

Adam from Dade City, FL wrote:  "Excellent Craftsmanship. Thank you very much."
As a veteran I know the pride of wearing a military uniform and the true value of our American flag and what it stands for. A Military internment flag is presented to the loved ones of a deceased veteran in recognition of the veteran's service to our country. This treasured keepsake deserves no less than a quality, handcrafted case built to display and protect it.

Only the finest quality products are sold. Each case, shadow box and frame are one-of-a-kind and nothing leaves the Military Flag Display Case shop until it meets the standards that I would want for my loved one.

If you need further information or guidance in purchasing one of my products please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for visiting MFDC and have a Blessed day ....

Rebecca from Orlando FL wrote: "Your right, Pictures don't do it justice. It's like you made it for one of your own family members."
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