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Military and Memorial Flag Display Cases

A guide to purchasing a quality flag display case

A Military or Memorial flag case is a very personal item purchased to honor and display the presentation flag of a loved one and should be made to last.

When searching for a flag display case, what should you look for? Appearance, style, and price are usually the key factors involved in making the purchase.  Don’t forget the old adage, “You get what you pay for.”  A flag case should be designed to protect the memorial flag it holds and be built to last for generations.

The Three Basic Types of Display Cases:

1. The “Made to Last for Awhile” Model.  Thin, poorly constructed and made of compressed paper with a wood laminate applied and a Plexiglas front.  Cases are constructed with glue and staples. Priced accordingly. 

2. The “Might Last a While Longer” Model.  Made from compressed wood particles with a wood-like finish (laminate) applied to it.  This flag case usually has a Plexiglas front and uses inferior construction methods. Inexpensively priced.

3. The “Made to Last for Generations” Model.  Solid wood flag display cases with glass fronts. (This includes both softwoods & hardwoods).  These cases are both strong and beautiful. Prices vary depending on styles, types of wood used and construction methods. 

There are two categories of this type of case.

     a. Cases that are mass-produced. (Generally overseas)  These cases are often made from inferior wood and construction techniques. 
      b. Handcrafted, Made in the USA, by woodworkers who are serious about their craft and use superior products and construction methods.

A quality flag case should be crafted from solid wood and constructed with wood screws, brad nails and/or dovetailing.  (A process where two pieces of wood are fingerjointed together.) This type of construction adds strength and durability to the flag case.

Glass fronts are recommended, as Plexiglas is prone to scratching. Cases fronted with glass look more professional and glass won’t discolor or scratch.

Cases made from compressed wood or paper will start to break down with time.  These cases can warp and the laminate may begin to peel when subjected to high humidity or if they get wet. Repeated moving or handling can cause the cases to become loose and ultimately fall apart.

Buy from a reputable dealer. Choose someone who is willing to listen and answer your questions and who will stand by their product.

At Military Flag Display Cases we guarantee not just our products, but your satisfaction as well. All cases, shadowboxes and certificate holders are handcrafted from solid wood and have glass fronts. Our attention to detail and artistry show in the finished product. MFDC flag cases will keep and protect your military or memorial flag for years to come.
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