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*Army (AUSA):
*Joint Force Quarterly (JFQ):
*Marine Corps Gazette:
*Naval War College Review:
*Sea Power:
*Air & Space Power:
*Armed Forces Journal:
*Links -- US Department of Defense Sites
*Advanced Research Projects Agency:
*Army War College:
*Army Physical Fitness Research Institute:
*Center for Strategic Leadership:

Research Aids:

*Constitution of the United States:
*Doctrine Digital Library:
*Department of Defense Dictionary of Military Terms and Acronyms:
*Federal Statistics:
*GPO Access:
*Joint Electronic Library:
*Library of Congress:
*List of College and University Home Pages:
*Military Acronym Finder:
*US Army Field Manuals:
*US Army Regulations, Pamphlets, and other Policy Publications:
*US Federal Government Agencies Directory:
*World Fact Book (CIA):
*Zip Codes – US Postal Service:
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